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5G is a double-edged sword for safety

Jul. 31, 2019 Source: 北晚新视觉网

     The 5G technology that burns the capital market is a new challenge while providing new possibilities for Internet security.

5G is a double-edged sword for safety

Wu hequan, academician of Chinese academy of engineering

    On the morning of July 30, at the 2019 Internet Security Leadership Summit (CSS 2019), the chairman of the China Internet Association and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, He Hezhen, said that 5G is a double-edged sword for security. "5G realizes the integration of computing and communication, based on The network operation and maintenance of big data and artificial intelligence reduces human error. Intelligent monitoring helps to improve the security defense level of the network. However, the 5G virtualization and software definition capabilities also introduce new security risks, and also need to face up to 5G. The security challenge."

     "Virtualization is a very important technology in 5G, including business slicing, software-defined networking, NFV network function virtualization, etc." He said that it is these technologies that support the evolution from 4G to 5G, compared to 5G and 4G. The peak rate has increased by 30 times, the user experience data rate has increased by 10 times, and the spectrum efficiency has increased by 3 times. "But after the network function is virtualized, it is more vulnerable to attack and network stability than the telecom-specific equipment. It is more susceptible. Network slicing may also be first attacked by Trojans, controlled by viruses, and eventually embarrassing the entire network."

    "In the past, the mobile communication protocol was dedicated. The business generation of the entire mobile network was closed. We rarely heard that the operator's network encountered a network attack, but now the opening of business capabilities and the full Internet of the 5G protocol have increased 5G. The possibility of being attacked by outside.” Hehe further explained that 5G will be fully Internet-enabled, and the open 5G Internet protocol will bring flexibility to the development of the business, but it will also pay a safe price.

     However, he said that the security risks brought by 5G can be solved by other security measures. "We need to use more big data and AI technology for network security. AI can find abnormal traffic, can analyze abnormal data of enterprises and external intelligence, and conduct comprehensive analysis. Enterprises themselves must do their own security, also According to the integrator of the industrial control system, the security service is obtained from it, the data of the entire traffic of the network is obtained from the telecom operator, and the government collects the security data of the society, and they are mutually interoperable to realize the sharing of threat intelligence." He said that through this, the operation and maintenance of the entire network can be made more intelligent, the ability of the network to resist threats can be improved, and the cost of operation and maintenance can be reduced.

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