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5G technology will boost the development of medical technology industry

Oct. 11, 2019 Source: OFweek光通讯

Science and technology are a powerful driving force for productivity and social development. Every wave of scientific and technological progress will sweep all aspects of society and bring about new changes. Nowadays, in the eyes of many people, this time the wave is at 5G.

Medical care is one of the most important people's livelihoods. People always have many expectations for the arrival of smart medical care. I hope that no matter where the patient is, I can get the help of an authoritative doctor in time. I hope that when I encounter incurable diseases, I can get multiple consultations in the first time. I hope that I can't move. Patients, the elderly, can get intelligent monitoring around the clock...

These visions, with the advent of the 5G era, seem to be within reach.

Operators are scrambling to conduct research and development, and hospitals and experts and scholars are actively exploring. At the moment, more and more pilot projects of “5G+Medical” are becoming more and more popular. In this lively moment, we should be more down-to-earth, step by step, establish norms as early as possible, and reject the concept of hype.

5G is essentially a mobile communication technology, and there are many scenarios that can be combined with medical care.

For example, medical monitoring and nursing applications based on wireless collection of medical device data, such as wireless monitoring; medical diagnosis and guidance applications based on video and image interaction, such as remote ward rounds using medical service robots; based on video and force feedback Remote control applications such as remote robotic surgery.

5G technology will boost the development of medical technology industry

At present, 5G is still a new thing in the development, and the application of these scenes is difficult to achieve in the current technical conditions. For example, remote manipulation surgery is extremely complicated. It is necessary to make the combination of “Thousands of Hands” and “Clairvoyance” break through geographical restrictions and guarantee zero mistakes. It requires patience to repeatedly experiment and practice.

For example, how to better achieve signal encryption, signal stability, standby signal settings, etc., is also a technical difficulty that needs to be gradually broken.

Medical care is no small matter, and every subtle difference is related to human life. In addition to the technical support on the hardware, the "5G + medical" landing, but also indispensable software considerations, including ethical considerations, laws and regulations, and so on.

In terms of policy, “5G+Medical” involves cross-disciplinary cooperation between wireless communication technology and medical technology, and needs to be coordinated from the national level. In terms of regulation, 5G new technologies are developing rapidly, and the data circulation of various applications in the medical and health fields is accelerating. Among them, potential medical data security risks require constant innovation and supervision to protect them. In short, while we are looking forward to the accelerated development of “5G+Medical”, we must put forward high standards and strict requirements for this technology.

In addition, the current cost of applying “5G+Medical” is still high, and how to make it a product that benefits the general public as soon as possible, it also needs to be explored.

Use the development of science and technology to make it serve the people. Based on this concept, the development and use of “5G+Medical” can be achieved.

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