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Acoustic Test Solution

Manual Acoustic Chamber | BJ-B55

● Manual operation;Automatic test fixture;

● Stand-alone testing;

● Good sound insulation effect, suitable for testing environment demanding occasions,>20dB@100Hz;

● Equipped with independent operating door and maintenance door;

● Has the detection function of detection operation door switch statep;

● With air spring shock absorber(natural frequency 3-5kgs), with good shock absorption effect.


● BJ-B55 Acoustic Chamber Application part, Fan, Smart speakers, Mobile phone products, Pad, PC and other consumer electronics products audio testing needs;

● DUT external dimensions: L<500mm, W<530mm, H<600mm.


Complete machine dimensions1732*1444*1810mm(L*W*H)
External dimensions1090*1305*1575mm(L*W*H)
Inner dimensions657*907*1199mm (L*W*H)
Operating Door Dimension600*700mm (W*H)
Maintenance Door Dimension910*1200mm(W*H)
Main StructureMetal
Net weight1300KG

Acoustic Criterion:

Frequency100 Hz200 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz5000 Hz
Sound insulation specification>20dB>40dB>50dB>60dB>60dB
Reference background noise32dBA(Environment pink noise 75dBA)

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