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Acoustic Test Solution

Automatic Acoustic Chamber | BJ-AB11(V2.0)

● Manual/automatic operation;

● Automatic test fixture;

● Works for both manual operation line and automatic line;

● Open the door for clamshell type, easy to operate;

● Has an independent safety protection device, in the open state, suddenly cut off power and gas, safety protection device can keep the door open, do not drop closed, to protect the operator's safety;

● Equipped with a separate Base, can be easy to move.


● Application part, Fan, Motor, Smart speakers, Mobile phone products, Pad, PC and other consumer electronics products audio testing needs;

● DUT size up to: L<300mm, W<230imm, H<190mm


Complete machine dimensions1058*850*1876mm(L*W*H)
External dimensions709*632*597mm(L*W*H)
Inner dimensions509*432*395mm(L*W*H)
Operation door open angle35degree
Base dimensions1058*850*1763mm(L*W*H)
Main StructureMetal
Net weight255KG

Acoustic Criterion:

Sound insulation specification>15dB>25dB>35dB>50dB>50dB
Reference background noise40dBA(Environment pink noise 75dBA)

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